Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Carnival Time!

Tiffany (with the cool bowling pin invitations for her husband's birthday last year) wanted to do a carnival-themed invitation for her son's first birthday, and wanted something unique. I came up with a few ideas, and this is what we went for:

The invitations were mailed in boxes nestled with rainbow kernel popcorn 
(the kernels were red, blue, yellow and lots of fun):

The invitation was wrapped with custom made tickets with the 
party date on each end and red & white striped baker's twine....

The invitation itself was printed on linen cardstock and mounted 
on red plexiglass sheets for a vintage meets modern feel:

The edges of the plexiglass were beveled to make them nice and smooth...

Tucked in between the invitation and the tickets were 
an RSVP postcard and an accommodations card

Here's the suite with some of the rainbow popcorn -- you can see some 
of the different colors on the kernels in this photo:

Each invitation was mailed in a white corrugated box filled with popcorn. 
Custom mailing labels hinted at what the inside held....

These had a ton of elements and were so much fun to work on. Tiffany has emailed me
 to tell me that her guests have emailing, calling, and facebooking her with how much
 they love the invitations and can't wait for the party. 

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