Sunday, May 13, 2012

Airplane themed 2nd Birthday Invitation

My sweet boy started to obsess about airplanes a few months ago, right around 
when I started planning his second birthday. Here are the invitations 
that I came up with for him.... 

I was torn between doing a traditional flat 5x7 invitation, a boarding pass, 
and a passport. I decided to just go for it with an airplane ticket folder
 and a boarding pass-style invitation. 

The folder:

Close-up of the pocket of the folder -- 
the Dietrich Airways logo was carried through on all of the stationery:

I love the "2" that the plane makes in the background -- if you look closely, 
you'll see it in the middle of the invitation, too:

One of the many details -- pilot wings for all of the kids, plus ones for hubby and I!

I purchased foam gliders online as a craft for the kids -- everyone had an opportunity to use markers, stickers, or paint (for the older kids) to customize their own glider. Here's the one I made -- after they decorated their glider, they got the pair of wings made with their initial.

Close-up of the wings: 

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