Monday, May 14, 2012

Airplane 2nd Birthday -- Details!

I posted yesterday about my son's Airplane Themed 2nd Birthday. Here are some of the details from the party:

Arrivals sign with some balloons -- I love the blue ones with the clouds I found online!

Welcome sign attached to our backyard gate:

"Happy 2nd Birthday Dietrich" Banner hanging from the fence above the food table:

Custom water bottle labels:

Red & White Paper straws with disks:

Decorate your foam glider craft:

The cake -- airplane shaped chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. I ran out of time (lost my motivation) by this point, so we just kept it white:

Make a wish!

Not-so-great pic of me and the birthday boy (note our pilot's wings!):

 Baggage Claim Area: Black "luggage" favor tags for the kids and the suitcase filled with favors for the adults:

Inside the bags were a pair of sunglasses, temporary tattoos, a punching bag balloon, and a lollipop:

Custom-made favor pouches held 1 oz. bags of Planters Peanuts for the adults -- it's just not an airplane party without peanuts! 

The Departures sign had everyone leave through the backyard gate instead of going through the house:

This child did not stop playing until we brought him up to bed...

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  1. Can you share the contact information for the Custom-made favor pouches held 1 oz. bags of Planters Peanut?