Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stephen's Christening

Tiffany's son Stephen is being baptized at a small home ceremony before the birthday party. She wanted something that could be included in the box with the carnival birthday invitations and still go with the color scheme. I designed these after the invitations I created for my own son's christening.

These are trifolding invitations with a ribbon bellyband that slides off.... 
Each has a double-layered panel with charcoal linen and white linen cardstocks.

These went to just family and close friends and tucked right in
 with the RSVP postcard and accommodations cards.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Carnival Time!

Tiffany (with the cool bowling pin invitations for her husband's birthday last year) wanted to do a carnival-themed invitation for her son's first birthday, and wanted something unique. I came up with a few ideas, and this is what we went for:

The invitations were mailed in boxes nestled with rainbow kernel popcorn 
(the kernels were red, blue, yellow and lots of fun):

The invitation was wrapped with custom made tickets with the 
party date on each end and red & white striped baker's twine....

The invitation itself was printed on linen cardstock and mounted 
on red plexiglass sheets for a vintage meets modern feel:

The edges of the plexiglass were beveled to make them nice and smooth...

Tucked in between the invitation and the tickets were 
an RSVP postcard and an accommodations card

Here's the suite with some of the rainbow popcorn -- you can see some 
of the different colors on the kernels in this photo:

Each invitation was mailed in a white corrugated box filled with popcorn. 
Custom mailing labels hinted at what the inside held....

These had a ton of elements and were so much fun to work on. Tiffany has emailed me
 to tell me that her guests have emailing, calling, and facebooking her with how much
 they love the invitations and can't wait for the party. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ashley & Tom's coral, sage, and yellow flower pocketfold wedding invitations

Ashley and Tom are using a wonderful color palette for their wedding -- Coral, Soft Yellow, and Sage Green. I incorporated all of these colors into their 7x7 metallic pocketfolds. These feature a custom design of a coral and yellow columbine -- the state flower of Colorado, where they'll be getting married.

The metallic light green pocketfolds feature a double ribbon wrap of coral and soft yellow, with a double layered invitation of coral and metallic ivory cardstocks.

Soft yellow envelopes were used for the RSVPs:

A folded booklet included the itinerary, accommodations, and 
general travel information for all of the guests traveling from out of state:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Airplane 2nd Birthday -- Details!

I posted yesterday about my son's Airplane Themed 2nd Birthday. Here are some of the details from the party:

Arrivals sign with some balloons -- I love the blue ones with the clouds I found online!

Welcome sign attached to our backyard gate:

"Happy 2nd Birthday Dietrich" Banner hanging from the fence above the food table:

Custom water bottle labels:

Red & White Paper straws with disks:

Decorate your foam glider craft:

The cake -- airplane shaped chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. I ran out of time (lost my motivation) by this point, so we just kept it white:

Make a wish!

Not-so-great pic of me and the birthday boy (note our pilot's wings!):

 Baggage Claim Area: Black "luggage" favor tags for the kids and the suitcase filled with favors for the adults:

Inside the bags were a pair of sunglasses, temporary tattoos, a punching bag balloon, and a lollipop:

Custom-made favor pouches held 1 oz. bags of Planters Peanuts for the adults -- it's just not an airplane party without peanuts! 

The Departures sign had everyone leave through the backyard gate instead of going through the house:

This child did not stop playing until we brought him up to bed...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Airplane themed 2nd Birthday Invitation

My sweet boy started to obsess about airplanes a few months ago, right around 
when I started planning his second birthday. Here are the invitations 
that I came up with for him.... 

I was torn between doing a traditional flat 5x7 invitation, a boarding pass, 
and a passport. I decided to just go for it with an airplane ticket folder
 and a boarding pass-style invitation. 

The folder:

Close-up of the pocket of the folder -- 
the Dietrich Airways logo was carried through on all of the stationery:

I love the "2" that the plane makes in the background -- if you look closely, 
you'll see it in the middle of the invitation, too:

One of the many details -- pilot wings for all of the kids, plus ones for hubby and I!

I purchased foam gliders online as a craft for the kids -- everyone had an opportunity to use markers, stickers, or paint (for the older kids) to customize their own glider. Here's the one I made -- after they decorated their glider, they got the pair of wings made with their initial.

Close-up of the wings: