Thursday, May 30, 2013

Construction Party details

Yesterday I shared the invitations I made for my son's Construction themed birthday party. Here are some of the details we had.

Sawhorse set up at the end of the driveway with balloons (including a dump truck mylar balloon from dollar tree!). A sign read "Builder's Entrance" and the sawhorse was flanked by traffic cones. A sign that said "Dietrich's Construction Site" hung near the mailbox:

A "Hard Hat Area" sign was taped to the gate door, and 2 saw horses were set up and held construction hates, each with a personalized sticker. The stickers had a "3" ghosted in the background with "DGRR 3 Builders Construction Crew" running around the edges:

I made a banner that hung from the fence and read "Dietrich is 3!". A "Dig In!" sign was taped to the fence above the food table, and some small wooden toolboxes I built from Home Depot kits held napkins and silverware:

Playtime! We had the regular sandbox (which we labeled an "Excavation Site" and hid bags with candy and easter eggs filled with coins for the kids to dig up), the truck sandbox, and a wrecking ball game using the cardboard brick blocks and a ball:

The cake was a chocolate layer cake and I decorated it with a dump truck toy filled with chocolate cake balls which ran down the side of the cake. We also had chocolate and funfetti cupcakes with homemade chocolate tool disk toppers:

The favors were sand buckets filled with Construction Dough (cans of play doh with custom labels), construction tools (some playdoh tools in a cellophane bag), bubbles, construction truck stickers, and builder's chalk. Each was wrapped up with some yellow cellophane and had a tag with each child's name on it. A large round sticker said "Thanks for Digging with me!"  For the adults, I made dump truck lollipops and small chocolate dump truck candies. They were individually packaged in cellophane bags and then went into the yellow chevron bags with a small tag stapled on. All of the pieces used orange & white baker's twine as an accent.

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