Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family Tree Birth Announcements

About 2 years ago, Lisa contacted me to see if I could create her vision for her daughter's announcements. She wanted to have a photo on the front and a family tree on the inside of the announcement--a great way to show off her baby's family heritage and who she's named in honor of.

Here's what I came up with. The photo is diecut to create a tab --a glue dot can be used to keep it closed. The tree features snowflakes on the branches since Alana was born in December. This can be created with leaves or flowers for a fall or spring baby, too.

Here's the email I got from Lisa when the announcements arrived to her:
"Oh, Jen, I could cry!!!  They are beautiful!!!  They are exactly what I envisioned!!  It is so exciting to actually see and hold them!!!  I cannot wait to get them out and see what people think!!! Thank you so very much!!!  They are everything I'd hoped they would be!!!!"
Thanks, Lisa!

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